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Support Info

If you are looking for Support Options for ACT Digital Displays, Please visit


(Reference ACT-POS Website)

(603) 232-7844

Email Support: HELP@ACT-POS.COM

-Support for Software and Hardware packages purchased 'outright' come with FREE M-F, 9AM - 5PM 60 day support from Assured Computing Technologies. This begins when you receive your system.

-Support for Software and Hardware packages purchased on a Monthly Subscription bases is dependent upon the subscription model

  We encourage you to investigate the support options listed below as the least expensive opportunity.

The current policy on all POS direct system purchases and/or on-site installations is a minimum of 60 days of free technical support to all customers from the date of their system delivery or day one of installation on site (our technicians). This would also include Tablet solutions set-up at the customer site, or shipped as a complete solution and preloaded on ACT-POS supplied Tablets.

If after 60 days, you have not purchased an Annual subscription Support Contract (12 Month Minimum) you will be billed for service related telephone calls or on-site support visits as listed below.

- Customers requiring assistance in reconnecting hardware or reinstalling software that is a result of their actions, are always responsible for installation or technical support charges.

For more Information and to purchase Support Contracts, Please contact us today

These are Not Support Numbers





Enhanced 24 hour/7 day Support Subscription Contract with Unlimited Phone and Email Support 24 hours per Day, Seven Days per Week Subject to Tech Availability in the Order Calls are Received.

Additional Premier Features Avaialble Include:

-Back-Up of POS Computer System and Database begins at $19 per month for 25Gigs

-Remote Monitoring of CPU usage and configuration, security monitoring of system access $4.50 per month

-Content Filtering and Lock-Out of Unauthorized website access and usage $3.50 per month


$140.00 per Month with 12 Month Contract (Auto Billed to Credit Card on File One Month in Advance)

On Site Visits within local service area only Pay Mileage at .75 Per Mile Round Trip


“Pay per CALL”
All customers who do not have a current support contract with ACT-POS (Assured Computing Technologies, Inc.) will be required to supply a credit card on the initial call for each new incident before the technical support department will be able to assist you. The standard charge is $350.00 per incident. All Calls are billed regardless of Length of Call Or whether called to Tech Mobile line or Office Support. A support charge of $280.00 will also be applied to all ‘technical support emails’.
In the event it is determined that the problem is a warranty issue, you will not be billed for the call. -Technical support will process all “pay per incident” requests within 12 hours during Normal Business Hours Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm or by the end of the following Normal Business day. Calls will be logged in a queue based upon “first call-first served”.

On Site Service without a Contract of Either Type results in a Hourly Charge of $350.00 Plus .75 Mileage Round Trip

- In some cases the technician may request that you log into the Internet at* for remote support so that they can view and troubleshoot your system. You will need to have high speed Internet via DSL or cable.
*Virtual Network Connection software program.


1 Year Service Contract with Unlimited Phone and Email Support for 24 Hours per Day and Seven Days a Week (Excludes Holidays)
Unlimited Technical Support Calls for 1 Year, 24 Hours per day. Hardware replacement items are not covered by the Support Contract. If the hardware is covered by Manufacturer Warranty, Service will be provided to install at no charge. 
Access Mobile Technical Support after hours phone numbers at no additional charge.

On Site Energency Weekend TRIPS are Discounted to $120.00 per hour Plus .75 Mileage Round Trip.