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Pet Stores, Groomers and Boarders

​Fastest and Easiest to Use

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123Pet POS software is by far the simplest and most straight-forward business management package available. Use a keyboard, mouse, or touch-screen to navigate.Each transaction (for example, sales and appointment booking) is setup to be as fast and efficient as possible. All tax and payroll features are very versatile and work in all 50 states and Canada as well as Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and all over the world.

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ACT-POS Falcon X65 Computer System with 123 Pet hardware and software bundled


Easily Manage Pet Grooming Appointments

123Pet has the most powerful and simple appointment book available to help you manage your business. Customized color codes make it easy to view when an employee is available to book, what type of appointments you have for the day, and even determine who still needs to receive a confirmation call or e-mail. Book, rebook, check in clients, and so much more with just a couple of clicks. Creating an appointment is easy, and keeping your employees’ appointments organized is even easier with 123Pet.

The Appointment Book also includes the following features:

  • Drag-and-drop appointments
  • Color code services according to category
  • Print out "traveler" tickets with detailed pet information
  • Display custom notes for each employee
  • Track pre-paid services
  • View and schedule kennels in the Appointment Book using the resource feature
  • 123Pet Grooming Appointments

Kenneling Management and Scheduling

In addition to grooming appointments, 123Pet also offers multi-day services and resources. The appointment book will display a single appointment for each boarding that spans the entire duration of the pet’s stay. Resources represent a specific kennel or boarding room in your business and they hold each of these boarding appointments.

Each resource can have its own maximum occupancy setting to track how many services can be held at once. If you attempt to book an appointment with a resource that is full, you will receive a warning to prevent overbooking. The appointment book has special filters to quickly switch between grooming and boarding so you can always find what you’re looking for.

123 Pet Kenneling Management


Quick and Easy Product and Service Sales

123Pet allows you to enter a list of services, prices, and descriptions that your business offers. Quickly add products or services to a ticket by scanning barcodes or looking up an item from an available list. Our pre-paid service feature now allows customers to pay for a series of services in advance to use at their leisure. The appointment book is directly integrated with the tickets that contain your product and service sales.

123 Pet Service and Sales

Store Unlimited Pet Photos

123Pet can store, display, and print an unlimited number of pictures of each pet which are conveniently linked to their profile. Use a web cam to take pictures directly through the software or add an existing photo already saved on the computer from a digital camera or scanner. Once the photo has been linked to the pet, it’s saved inside your database so you no longer have to clutter your computer with unorganized photos!

Use the Picture Manager to save before and after photos of each pet you groom to show off the dramatic results. You can also save a primary pet picture to easily identify each pet when they walk through the door.

123 pet photos


Pet Vaccination Alerts and History

123Pet offers a fully customizable vaccination system with automatic alerts. As part of each pet’s medical history, you are able to link specific vaccinations to each animal and document when each vaccination expires. Each vaccination record can hold detailed notes and you can set if the shot is optional or required. If a vaccination is set to expire soon, the software will alert you that the pet is due for another shot when you create an appointment. This automatic tracking system makes it easy for you to remind your clients that their pet is due for another vaccination.

123 pet vacinations


Over 200 Reports!

123Pet includes over 200 built-in reports that will help you to get details about your sales, clients, products, and so much more! The built-in reports are easy-to-use and provide you with key details that will help you to run your business effectively.

Most reports can be viewed in a simple grid as well as a full-color graph! You will be able to visually see all the information about your business in a variety of ways, and export or print the information to keep on record.

123 reports



Manage Inventory and Product Information

123Pet allows you to track your products, including the quantity in stock, which is automatically updated every time a product is sold and inventory is received. Our software works with barcode scanners so that you can quickly sell your products to clients or add new products to the database.

123 product inventory

Extensive Payroll and Check Printing System

The 123Pet Payroll feature works with virtually all worldwide payroll systems, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Easily handle nearly all aspects of payroll:

  • Full support for employee product and service commissions
  • Calculate hourly wages and set up salary amounts
  • Track and settle tips with payroll
  • Deduct Federal, State and Local taxes
  • Set up custom deductions that are specific to your business or location
  • Manage healthcare and retirement fund deductions
  • Download free Federal Tax table updates
  • Calculate back bar deductions for product usage during services
  • Print payroll checks and check stubs
  • Determine year-to-date and end-of-year payroll information (W2 and 1099)

With the 123Pet payroll system, there is no need to have an outsourced company or separate accounting program to manage your payroll. You will save time and money by letting your own business management software handle calculations and check printing!

123 pet payroll


​One-Time Purchase Option

Once you pay for 123 PET POS software, you own it. There are NEVER any other required payments. No monthly fees. No annual fees. No re-licensing fees.

​Training Videos Included!

Each CD includes 20 Flash videos to walk you through everything from making a sale to selling a gift certificate and much more.

And much, much more. request a demo today!

Call TO SPEAK WITH A DEDICATED ACCOUNT REP (877) 627-0636 or (603) 627-8728 for more information or BUYNOW IN THE POS STORE