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Can you afford a few dollars a day to SAVE HUNDRED$ a Year?


A Quality Point-of-Sale System will not only save you money, but it can also make you money. CALL US FIRST AND LET US POINT YOU TO A POS FINANCE COMPANY. Our Finance Programs are handled by our Partners. We work with several Financial Partners including Time Payment, Direct Capital and Lease Corp of America as well as many others. If you already have your own Financial Institution for financing in place, we are happy to work with them.

Here is information and Applications from the various vendors:


Timepayment Leasing application Through TimePayment we are able to approve a wide range of customers including consumers. Our equipment leasing process is fast. We are able to approve transactions within minutes. We pay quickly too, within 24 hours of equipment lease verification so that your order can be quickly processed and delivered. TimePayment will help you find the lease option that fits your budget. For over 25 years, they have assisted over 755,000 customers just like you. Our leasing payment amounts are based on the quality of your credit. Our unique credit scoring model enables us to finance a wide range of credits. Get Lease Terms beginning at 12 Months up to 60 Months.

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13 Month Program

12 Months no Interest: Divide the equipment cost by 12 to calculate the monthly payment. Customer pays first and last payments to commence the lease with 11 payments to follow.

Example: Lease amount is $4,800 – Divide by 12. Lease payment is $400 per month. Customer pays the first and last payment ($800.00) up front and then has eleven payments to follow. The cost of doing business is only one payment of $400 plus applicable documentation fee.

Download special informational flyer about our 'BAKERS DOZEN' Option!


Direct Capital Leasing Corp. logo Direct Capital offers Equipment Financing, Working Capital and Business Financing. Direct Capital has provided equipment leasing to thousands of businesses across hundreds of industries. Through each transaction we continue to learn what you want, what you are challenged with and how creative equipment financing can help turn those challenges into opportunities. They offer equipment leasing and equipment financing for almost every type of equipment, technology and vehicle used for your business purposes. We can help you get the equipment you need and want at affordable monthly payments with a term and buyout option that will work for you.

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We also offer Alternatives to conentional financing such as Credit Card Advance Payments from Sterling Payment Technologies


We will do our best to find the right Payment Option for all your needs.

How much money is your own time worth? The amount of time that you spend in the back office doing bookwork, is better spent building your business and working with customers. A POS system allows you to spend more time on the floor with your customers and employees to see what is really going on. Todays POS systems allow you to sell Gift Cards, establish Loyalty Programs, reduce Credit Card exspenses, get a better handle on scheduling employees so they are more productive, track damaged products and returns to venders and much, much more.

In reality, if you want to be successful and grow your business, YOU NEED TO HAVE THE TOOLS TO ACCOMPLISH THE JOB.

  • -Leasing does not tie up working capital.
  • -A lease is not indicated as a liability on a financial statement.
  • -Conserves credit lines for other use…you do not borrow against bank lines when you use leasing as an option.
  • -Allows budgeted agencies to obtain equipment through their operating expenses when capital funds are no longer available.
  • -Eliminates time consuming depreciation scheduling.
  • -Rapid depreciation write-off.
  • -Permits longer terms than lending institutions.
  • -With a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease, you may expense every penny of every payment.
  • -Minimizes inflation risk by paying tomorrow’s cost with today’s dollars.
  • -Improves ratio; helps keep the balance sheet clean.