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Authorized Dinerware Restaurant POS software

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The Dinerware POS Technology Advantage

Dinerware Bundle of Restaurant POS hardware

  • Whether you offer fine dining, quick service or
    something in between, Dinerware is the perfect fit

Lower cost of ownership — Dinerware delivers an easy-to-use, efficient
and productive user experience. The intuitive user interface effectively
lowers the total cost of ownership by making tasks easy and fast.

Windows from the ground up
— Dinerware was designed to run on
Microsoft operating systems including Windows Tablets!

Open Architecture
—Dinerware offers a open data platform so your
restaurant data can seamlessly integrate with add-on products or
services. Customers benefit from using the open platform approach
because as new technologies are developed, they can “plug” directly into
Dinerware. In addition, our open architecture allows end users and third
parties to integrate their software with Dinerware very easily. Dinerware
has become the restaurant POS platform of choice for developer.

Web-Based Services — Dinerware offers strong residual revenue
opportunities through our customer facing web services which include
Dinerware Online Ordering and Home Office for remotely accessing the
Dinerware Manager. Restful APIs create the backbone of Dinerware web
services and allow for easy to integration with the Dinerware Brain.

Designed for SQL Server
— Dinerware was designed to run with
Microsoft SQL Server. For the customer, this results in unparalleled
reliability, performance, and live access to valuable data using off-the-shelf
software tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Built on .NET platform — Dinerware follows state-of-the-art design
principles, promoted by Microsoft “.NET” initiative. The n-tier architecture
delivers a robust system which capitalizes upon today’s powerful
hardware platforms.

Download the PDF to Learn more about Dinerware Innovative Restaurant Solution from ACT-POS Partner

pdf information about Aldelo 2013 point-of-sale

Watch a complete Dinerware Fine Dining Professional Restaurant POS Video from ACT-POS to Learn More

Dinerware is great for every restaurant type from full service to bar's and quick service counter.


Dinerware Home Office

Dinerware Home Office is a Web or 'CLOUD' based tools for your Store Management that will allow you to view in real-time the details that you need to keep your restaurant functioning great ever when you are thousands of miles away. You can log-in remotely from any Internet enabled laptop, table or mobile and view the Dinerware Manager features right over the 'Net.
No complicated set-up, No wordy contract, and a great LOW Affordable Monthly cost!


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