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Ambur iPad Restaurant Point of sale system

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Traditional POS systems have sacrificed simplicity for an over abundance of features. By adding unnecessary features, they’ve made running a POS more and more difficult, time consuming and stressful for you. To combat such hassles, we’ve created Ambur, a beautifully simple system. We’ll be your righthand man, helping to set up your menu, your wireless network and all other features of Ambur. After a couple weeks, you'll feel like a master.

AMBUR Apple iOS Point-of-Sale for iPad , Full POS Cloud based Point of sale on the ipad


Ambur ipad Point of Sale business managment


  • menu

    User Groups

    Organize staff, permissions, and payroll by creating User Groups for employees with different responsibilities.

  • payroll


    Just define pay rates and taxes, and Ambur will automatically calculate employee payroll from clock-in/clock-out data.

  • Groups

    Menu Items

    Add, edit, or delete menu items right on your iPad at anytime. Organize them into categories for faster ordering.

  • tickets

    Order Tickets

    Print orders to the appropriate kitchen printer, and customer receipts to the register. Right from your iPad.

  • reports

    Wireless Printing

    Use any thermal impact printer to wirelessly print to any location - no more wasted time running back and forth.

  • wireless


    Ambur's most valuable functions. Understand your business better with data on all aspects. View, email, or export to CSV.


Ambur ipad point of sale front end sales

  • modifers

    Quick-Order Interface

    Save time and avoid confusion with seamless order-taking. You can see your order, add items, and take payments. All from a single screen.

  • payment

    Delivery & Take-Out

    Assign order types and relevant customer information to any order for quicker turn-around.

  • delivery


    A modifier is a set of options that applies to menu items. Use them to make sure your orders come in quickly and correctly, and your employees can enter custom ones for specific customer needs.

  • customers


    Take the frustration out of splitting checks and processing credit cards. You can easily customize payment methods

  • Quick Order

    Customers & Reservations

    Create a more memorable and organized experience with automatically generated customer profiles and a powerful reservation system.

  • tables

    Table Layout

    The interface is customizable from your iPad to match your restaurant's layout, keeping your staff more coordinated.


We have the complete Apple iOS Solution - Apple iPad and iTouch Hardware, Credit Card Swipes, Remote Kitchen Printers, Thermal Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers and Wireless Network Ports and Accessories to make your Apple iPad Point-of-Sale solution a Full Solution.


When you purchase your Apple iPad Point of Sale solution from us, you get the best of both worlds in Point of Sale support, service and hardware.

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